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At Plant Rich Planet it is our mission to empower you to naturally create healthy, sustainable food for well being, longevity and the protection of the planet.

We are passionate about this incredible planet and all its abundant plant life. We would love to help equip you with a solid knowledge base of simple, nourishing food combinations so you can be confident in eating well at home and when on your epic adventures - wherever they take you!

At Plant Rich Planet our aim to introduce you to new, accessible ways of cooking and preparing fresh Plant Rich meals and snacks. Perhaps you are looking to add more fruit and vegetables to your current food preferences or you have been advised to exclude dairy or eggs and aren't sure where to start.

A return to simple, energy-giving foods does not need to be costly, time consuming or complex. There are no hard and fast rules for adding new ideas to your everyday meals, start with something that you can see yourself enjoying and have fun with making it! All our recipes are regularly used by us in our own kitchen, don't require ingredients you will only use for one dish and can be adapted to include spices, extra ingredients or to be gluten free.

Plant Rich Planet are huge fans of conservation and eco travel so we will be sharing our journeys with you and giving you insights into how to eat an abundance of plants whilst in even the most remote places.

Your online resource for simple, sustainable, nourishing and delicious food is here for you - enjoy it!

With health and happiness,

Plant Rich Planet

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