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Kimberley Perry

Welcome to PlantRichPlanet, I am Kimberley Perry and it is my mission to empower people all over the world to naturally make healthy, sustainable food choices for their longevity and for the protection of the planet.

I am a complementary therapist, nutritional coach, food lover and I am also fortunate enough to be able to travel on a monthly basis thanks to a 'day job' in the travel industry. I grew up in the beautiful Malvern Hills and now live in Surrey with my husband and two dogs.

It is my desire to share my passions with you. I wish to help others to leave a legacy of compassion - for themselves, others, the planet and the animals who share it with us. I chose to stop eating meat 13 years ago and then dairy and eggs 3 years ago, for health and ethical reasons.

So many people speak of how they feel isolated in their search for health - that the information online and within the media is conflicting, ever changing and leaves them without a clear understanding of what eating for health and well being actually means, let alone how to do it. The information I will share with you here is as a result of my own experimentation with food at home and on my travels around the planet as well as from my education as a nutritional coach. I want you to build a solid knowledge base of nourishing foods so you can be confident cooking at home and choosing pre-prepared foods when out and about. Food can be a part of personal development - it has the ability to keep us strong and grounded - and it certainly doesn't need to be seen as the enemy.


Being a confident chef comes from having a series of recipes under your belt that help you understand how easy cooking can be and the beauty of plant rich eating is that vegetables rarely clash - some of the best meals are created when we have to put our creativity to the test with only a few random ingredients. In fact, some of the best meals I have ever cooked were on a gas cooker in the middle of Western Australia using basic rations!


Whether you seek to gain inspiration because you have decided to be completely plant based for health reasons, wish to be vegan for animal advocacy or have been advised to omit dairy, eggs or meat from your diet, I have easy recipes for you.

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